First up, Butter Wakefield, of Butter Wakefield Garden Design. With over 15 years of experience Butter’s studio offers a unique and personal garden design that spans across London and beyond. The studio has received numerous accolades throughout its lifetime, including those from the Royal Horticultural Society and the Homes & Gardens Design Awards.

Discover Butter’s unique sense of style and how she wears her AGB knits at work and for the evening. Plus read her tips for creating the perfect garden, from the most novice of gardeners and up.

When did your passion for gardening begin?

I began studying, learning, working and studying some more. I went on two different year-long courses, worked and worked, all whilst raising four children. Finally, I went on to do a design course at London College of Garden Design in Kew, that’s when I really began to perfect my craft and skill and really drilled down into the importance of design detail.

What’s the best part of your everyday?

I work with an incredibly talented group of young women, every day there is a happy exchange between creative genius and gorgeous, fun, loveable, loving women who are really good at their jobs. Everyday is different and everyday is a complete joy working with these girls.  I love them like my family!

Where’s the next place on your holiday hit list?

Home for Thanksgiving, I grew up on the East Coast [of the USA] and my mother is very much alive and well.  Both of my girls live in the States so it’s a perfect excuse to get together and celebrate, three generations of girls, it’s rather special.

When does sweater season start for you?

I am always freezing cold, so in the summer if necessary – but September for sure for me. Generally, I wear about 3 at a time!

How would you style your AGB Teddy Sweater for the daytime and nighttime?

Daytime, what I’m wearing now. Green corduroy trousers, a white shirt and chunky-soled converse. For night time, I would swap out the Converse for short boots and add a necklace or two.

What’s an essential gardening tip for a complete beginner?

Get to know your aspect [the direction the garden faces, North, South, East or West]  and where the light falls in the garden. If you’re new to your house, figure out how the sun travels across the garden throughout the day. That way you can scout out where you should put your bistro table for your morning coffee, or evening drink. You want to sit in these little pools of sunshine.

What are the perfect table florals for the winter?

I am getting into this dried flower thing, there is a very good account on Instagram called @bloominggreen, which supplies amazing dried flowers. I love Hellebores, AKA Christmas Roses and little blue violas and pansies – I also adore old buckets of Christmas greens and scented bulbs for inside, I am less keen on shop bought flowers unless they are from the garden.